Pixar does it again: CARS

Well, we went to see Cars today for my sister’s birthday. All I can say is, Pixar has done it again. Cars is not quite as effect-laden as The Incredibles (not quite as good, in my opinion, either), but it still is a treasure trove of beautiful tricks and fantastic modeling. There’s a lot of good smoke and dust in it, the clouds are done perfectly. No small details are missed: small pebbles are kicked up in the wake of racecars, and there is just a hint of relflection on the surface of fresh asphault. There are also some excellent examples of fire. The textures, as usual, are excellent. (There were a couple bad textures, though… an exhaust pipe right in the opening scene made me cringe.) The animation was superb, of course. They did a great job anthropomorphizing the cars… their faces are very expressive. The foliage was also very realistic. Their short, “One Man Band” was equally good.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot… it’s funny, too.
I especially liked the “Car Talk” reference.

I agree, The movie was awesome! I went to see it after lunch today. The story was awesome. I loved the ending credits. I feel bad for those people who left before it was over.

I plan of seeing it, but we’re going to a wedding tommorow and won’t have time saturday, either this weekend or next weekend when the crowds are gone.

The visuals and what i’ve heard looks great, but unfortunately our newspaper had a critic with no sense of humor review it. He labled it nice paint job, 3 cylinder engine, and called it unfunny. :-/

Pixar doesn’t seem to like to get away from that type of comedy anymore. It’s always some cutesy stuff. I wonder what type of serious stuff they could make?

I think they could come up with some pretty serious stuff…

“when Incredibles mate with cars: Why its immoral and sick.”:wink:

hows that for serious subject matter lol?

I thought pixar died or i heard wrong?

Pixar didn’t die, it became part of Disney.

I’m seeing it tomorrow. Well, technically, today.

I typically don’t get excited about seeing movies, but Pixar films are an exception. Ratatouille looks like it’s gonna be pretty good too!

Their last movie was The Incredibles, which had some scenes which were downright dark. Was that “cutesy”?

I saw it today, absolutely brilliant, is all i can say. Hilarious jokes (tractor tipping, i was crying with laughter) and beautiful scenes. Owen wilson should definately do more voice acting!

One man band was also very good.

Their last movie was The Incredibles, which had some scenes which were downright dark.

Really? What was there?

They’re quite capable!

But the money’s in the cutesy stuff! :wink:

for stuff that could upset kids on a psychological level there is:

-a man attempts suicide by jumping from a building
-two parents have a loud argument in front of their children.
-the superhero subversion of the “no capes” scene.
-an innocent woman gets nearly strangled by the hero, twice.
-a father is convinced his family has been murdered.
-the wife assumes her husband is cheating on her.
-the villian is revealed as having luring and slaughtering about 20 heroes.

and that’s not even touching on the actual violence / scary imagery in the film.
There’s quite a fair share of dark material in The Incredibles. It’s still my favorite film ever, though.

I know I’m going to show my age here, and sound like an old man shouting from his porch but…

The need for “darkness” or “seriousness” to be good, effective and deep is a thing that fades as you get older. Buy a house and make the mortgage for a couple of years. Have some kids and watch them grow. Watch your parents get older and have stuff on them start to break. Know people who’ve died. The desire for darkness in your entertainment will fade.

The cuteness of the character design and the gags they put up are only the glossiest level of their work. The REAL work on their movies takes place in the three+ years they spend on the story, and fleshing out the characters and themes before anyone touches a computer.

And as a person who, while not old, is certainly significantly older than most of the folks on this board, I can say that Pixar’s movies, with all their silliness and fantastic elements, come closer to feeling like real life to me than any “dark and serious” movie I’ve ever seen.

Harkyman, I totally agree and I’m only 25.

If every day getting older is’nt dark enough for you, just turn on the news and enjoy.

It’s hard to for me to watch movies like The Omen, and be scared any more.

I seem to appreciate those “cutesy” movies now adays, not that I don’t like scary movies or any thing, it’s just they don’t have the impact they used to.

I’m not plugging darkness in movies… I was just refuting what henrymop said about Pixar only making cutesy movies nowadays.

I’m the same apart from appreciating cutesy. Horror movies don’t affect me. I prefer ones that have a good story with interesting twists but the horror itself is nothing. For example Hostel was a gory movie with very little plot so I didn’t like it. Saw was quite gory but the story was great so I really enjoyed it.

So I don’t think the presentation matters as much as the content.

However, I think that Pixar do tend to go the whole Disney-life-is-wonderful-and-magical route of presenting stories. The Incredibles had that whole marriage/family thing going on, Nemo with the father son thing, Toy Story was about a kid with his toys, Monsters Inc was about a kid with her monsters.

It’s all a bit child-oriented irrespective of whether there are one or two subtle dark moments. I don’t think you ever get to see blood in the movies - it’s all cartoon violence. Don’t get me wrong, Toy Story is one of my favourite movies but I don’t think they will tackle a movie with any real grit. I mean movies like Sin City. It has a gritty story with violence but it has a nice style. Now that Pixar are part of Disney then I fear they will never do something like that.

I don’t think they’d even stretch to making a movie like Shrek with its innuendo.

I do value clean humour but when you see enough of the edgey humour like South Park, Family Guy, American Dad, clean humour loses a lot of appeal.

Still, I’m glad people enjoyed the movie. I was worried that Cars would be Pixar’s first flop. I really didn’t have high expectations.


cuteness doesn’t prohibit boredom and Pixar scripts are boring and empty. I think that it is the point here, not some “need for darkness”…


cuteness doesn’t prohibit boredom and Pixar scripts are boring and empty. I think that it is the point here, not some “need for darkness”…

That’s exactly what I was saying. Pixar has no originality(at least not anymore), and has become another printing press studio. You know, like games or movies, were all the things they’re doing nowadays is the same thing they’ve been doing for several years.

When did that happen?