Pixar Eye

I’ve done the pixar eye tutorial.
Here’s what I’ve archieved:
Click for a larger version


looking good but i would recommend that you just put your touch on it…i can see that the outlines in the middle is a little bit fuzzy…just modify it a bit…but still looks nice.good work

Good good! One thing though, thry putting the eyeball’s material to white with 100 refrence, that way you get a good white look to it.

now its time to add a face to those eyes

Where can I find the tutorial for that eye?


you cant be serious.

I apologize for my noobness, but I just started messing with Blender and a forum search did not immediately turn up anything that pointed me in that direction.


punkfrog, that wasn’t a very nice answer :frowning:

if you know where to find the tut, what about posting the link ?


Sigh If you ever looked at anything about blender tutorials, you must have seen “Blender 3D: Noob to Pro” at wikipedia or whatever it is… It contains many useful tutorials, that are from noob to pro… Just like the name.

(The most popular blender tutorial “book”.)

(The tutorial you wanted.)

I tried making it as white as possible.

I’ll normal map de blender logo in.

not sure about the face.

forgot the link of the tut, thanks maggot.

Trapesourus, can you explain what you are trying to say?


Jacco I have always wondered why if i choose a color for a material i never see that color then it struck its so simple by standard there isnt enough light so just up the light or add more lamps till you see the color you chose eg white :wink: