Pixar Fan Art

Hello everyone,

I think I’m done with my fan art of Pixar (in fact my GPU tells me, out of memory so I decided to stop here:D). I must admit, I’m a fan boy of pixar ! I hope you will like this image made entirely with Blender, rendered with Cycles in 1:10h with 3000 samples on a GTX 970. I know that I could push it further, a maybe one day I’ll do that ^^

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Wow, very nice work man… Nice little mixup of toy story and monsters inc. :smiley:

You captured pixar’s distinct cartoonish realism very well.

Edit: Just noticed that the door leads to the monsters inc factory… Nice touch man :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: I’m glad you like it !

cool :slight_smile: like it

Thank you:)

Wow, you really captured the Pixar style. The lighting is superb! And the characters are modeled very well and really have personality.

Top notch work! One of my favorite artworks I’ve seen this month!

Very nice artwork, like it a lot. 1 small critique, I think the lamp on the desk could use some work to look more like the famous Pixar desk lamp. Overall, great job though!

It’s a very nice scene with some details, for example the penguin in the background or the hang out arm from the box in the foreground.
The only point which is a bit irritably (in my eyes) is this box in the right down corner. If she should be out of paperboard (like the other?), I propose to revise the cap. It looks better, if the cap and the box are connected.
But all in all a very good and amazing image!

Lovely stuff! Great idea & execution. Bravo!

Oh my, Pixar must take you as a 3d artist, this is AWESOME. It is perfectly made. Those tiny details are so cool, as I saw the penguin, the aliens and the cowboy’s hand I said “Wow, small details really matter”.

But maybe you should add a color filter, you know that Pixar uses color shadows and their movies look saturated so details can shine out. However, that won’t change much the perfectness of the image.

Keep going on this style and maybe, in future you’ll be in Pixar;)

Thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are interested, I’ve done a small video (in french) where I show how did I made the image.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Have a nice day/night :stuck_out_tongue: