Pixar : Le fils de Luxo

Une nouvelle animation sur ma première animation 3d.

Good place to start! Lense flair is a nice touch

Thank you very much, I’m sorry to have put a lot of time to respond!

It reminds me of the very first animation I created with Truespace back in the mid '90s. I nearly gave my computer a hernia rendering that thing. I had a bunch of reflective surfaces in it.

Steve S

Was it rendered with Internals or cycles?

first thing I noticed is in the first jump there was almost no gravity ^.^ I believe the lamp would be heavier and would fall down much quicker and won’t slide on the floor. Otherwise very good excercise for animation :slight_smile:

I use the internal, I would not use too much cycles, I made ​​more careful with light effect to the animation so it is average, and thank you for your comments! :slight_smile: