Pixar Lighting?

I’ve tried observing Pixar lighting and while every movie is different there are some noticeable similarities. For example, quite often the Background seems realistic but the Characters are lit differently with one common trait the ambient light and lack of black shadow (notice image below). Is there a way in Blender to do this? maybe to do with bounces?

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Generally, when you light a scene with a good HDRI or for example the Sky texture as ambient light, there should be no comlpetely black shadows naturally (just like in real live). Also - the more GI bounces, the less likely it is for a surface point not to receive any light.

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True although would have to work with more lighting, the dimmer the scene the greater the black.

Not necessarily- one HDRI can fully light an entire scene with no black shadows. I don’t think Pixar uses HDRIs specifically; I believe they use skyboxes and essentially make their own. Regardless, the lighting in the image you show is definitely 95% environment lighting. If you look at the reflections in her eyes, you can see a sun point (which may be a separate lamp) and a sky reflection.

Pixar and Disney also have people specialized in Lighting and use like 100 carefully placed Lamps per scene. You’ll not get such a refined look with a simple setup.

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True but just wondering if there is a “global” way to reduce the black point.

Pixar typically uses many lighting “passes” to build up the final effect. And, since they are making “cartoons,” they use visual ideas taken from that discipline both in the physical design of their characters and sets, and in their lighting schemes. For instance, in the shot above, notice that “the bridge of her nose” basically doesn’t exist, and her eyes – if in any real person – would probably be the size of hen’s eggs. Nonetheless, they’re happy to lavish detail into things like her costume, neckpiece, and hair. The design of every single actor is very consistent, especially with regards to the eyes.

Not sure what u are saying.

Yes, use an HDRI or a Sky Texture as Ambient light. @Stuntkoala has given the correct information

What I meant, Espresso, is that "Disney animators are cartoonists." Cartoon styles and techniques permeate everything they do, including the design of their characters. The actors in Frozen are, first and foremost, cartoons. (Although they are three-dimensional.)

In executing their films – as you can plainly see from their many “Making Of” featurettes – they create several distinct “passes” of lighting, in separate renders, then composite them together. (Look up, e.g.: “beauty pass.”)

It’s an illustration..
And to ease such workload Blender also needs Light linking (T68915 TO DO).

That was one big down side moving from Modo to Blender.

I see your point. Just thinking about Disney & Pixar, while Pixar for example with Toy Story has become a lot more realistic and their approach is based mainly on the story telling, but Disney however is still based on the Cartoon look and feel. My aim was to try and understand how to acheive the Cartoon look and while adding lots of lights can come close I don’t think that alone will work but as you mentioned the compositing of multiple altered layers is where the magic must happen.

Still trying to find what exactly the key is.