Pixar Renderman and Zbrush with Blender is possible?

I have been using zbrush a lot for my illustration and 3D printing work.

I am learning blender right now.

I would like to know a workflow between zbrush and blender for making animated short movies in future.

Modelling characters in Blender can take lot of time while I can model in Zbrush in matter of an hour.

But I do not have the knowledge of converting that model into blender ready model, exporting to blender, fix it for rigging and then animating.

Is there any book or tutorial which can teach me exactly that?

I have ordered venoms lab 2 and Caminandes: Gran Dillama Dvd from blender lab as well just to learn the ropes but I need to create a pipeline of Zbrush and Blender to make it work in long run.

My second question is :

Pixar’s Renderman is going free for non commercial purpose, is there any chance that we will be able to use it with some new version of Blender in future? I am not sure how good cycles renderer is but just by going through Caminandes movie it looks very nice.

But renderman is renderman and able to learn and use it will make blender just amazing, especially for movies.

Any help will be appreciated.



question 1 : There is a free GOZ plugin for blender & zbrush which allows to import/export models very quickly with a press of a button. You should use this for your pipeline. The Blenderella DVD is a good resource for polygon modeling you can subscribe to Blender Cloud for more resources which also has Blenderella. You should also check out lessons/workshops from Blender Cookie.
Just search the underlined stuff you’ll find what you’re looking for.

question 2 :I use cycles and BI . No idea sorry.

Q2: I plan on converting my Pixie (Open source Renderman) exporter to the Official Renderman when the new non-commercial one is released after Siggraph.

I have Goz. I tried re detecting all the 3D software on my computer. But Goz never ever detected it before and still it is not detecting blender.

any idea how to make GOZ detect BLENDER?

Thanks Atom

Good to hear this and hopefully my time will not be wasted. I can go full fledge with blender.

Can you please give some link of your current unofficial Pixie exporter?


Guys any help with the GOZ plugin? It is not detecting blender.

for work with z rush models in blender is best to decimate highpoly mesh to something smaller then couple milions and make retopology for animation ,there is auto retopo tool in zbrush called zremesher but there are problems with spiral loops ,better to make whole retopo manualu in blender or zbrush ,after that is good to get xnormals and bake maps from highpoly to low poly ,I tried goz button in older version of blender but not sure if that work with newest zbrush btw new zbrush isnt far away :slight_smile:

There is very useful renderman renderer, Matt Ebb 3Delight addOn
This addon allows rendering blender scenes in 3Delight, a renderman compliant renderer

Matt Ebb 3Delight blender3D addOn

Download 3Delight/Blender An external render engine exporter for Blender