Pixar ships RenderMan 24 for Blender

This is very nice. First thoroughbred Renderer ported fully to Blender!

(i did not check if the GutHub has already the latest Plugin, but it seems it is there…)


“Blender users will soon get their own official RenderMan plugin, Pixar has announced.
The integration, which will be released alongside RenderMan 24, will support all of the heavyweight VFX and animation renderer’s latest features, including new CPU/GPU rendering system RenderMan XPU.”


Yeah i can’t seem to get this to work on 2.93 or 3.0 so it must really only work on 2.83 and 2.92

It is very likely developed for LTS versions of Blender. I will try it next week!

2.93 is LTS but they must have just finished implementing on 2.83 although it also works on 2.92 according to github.

Couple things.

  1. Blender switched to Python 3.9 for blender 2.93 which broke a bunch of plugins. That’s why they can’t support the latest. It might work on linux or if you build with Python 3.7
  2. First “thoroughbred renderer” on blender? Octane and Vray and Redshift have plugins for blender as well? I’d also point out there was a previous Blender plugin for RenderMan.
  3. Should be noted from that article. The free non-commercial license does not yet support GPU or some of the stylized looks.

Anyway great work from RenderMan team!


I know only Octane. Redshift has a version that was not rated good in user reviews. Vray for Blender does not exist at all (there was a 2.79 verison, but this concept has been left).

“thoroughbred renderer” means 30 Years move production experience (I have carefully picked this words). Octane will be it this one day, but it is not now. On a global timeline, Octane is a Starter. It is also currently much more expensive then Renderman.

My only fear from Renderman is that they may again start changing policies and Indy version get canceled and so on.

Yeah, I learned Renderman with and because of that plugin. :+1:

Yet? That sounds like it will at some point. Good to hear, even though my GPU is trash and the prices are still :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

AFAIK they have not tempered with the licenses and the conditions. Since it was released as an Non-comercial version, they released consistently, they only problems was with the Blender plugin. Since they now build it from scratch I doubt there will be much problems to keep it up to date and working.

Not Indy. Non Commercial. Very sharp distinction.

yes, correct. 3D Art creation process nowadays has too many legal forms.
In some cases one really needs a lawyer to render an image…

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Redshift is still in alpha/beta?

So lots of things are still worked on tbh… You can download and install the trial, the Blender addon is included now.

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Just in case anyone has comes across this having problems with RM24 and 2.93.4 LTS go here