Pixar talks about Toy Story 3

In this artical from CGtalk.com, Pixar animators and photograph director talk about the new Toy Story 3: Animation problems, lightning issues and, most importantly, upgrading from the two previous Toy Story :wink:


An interesting read, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
I already wondered how Pixar would do that. When I first heard there will be a TS3, I immediatedely thought of the difficulties that come from upgrading the movie to the current tech standard.
And I have to say, they did a great job on that! The movie works really well and to me, it’s the second best in the series. All three where great but #1 wasn’t as good as #2 or #3

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I haven’t seen the movie, but I will read anything Pixar has to say.

Totally agree! I have watched Shrek 4 recently and it was pretty much the same with Toy Story’s series. The movie, from a technical point of view was almost perfect (I’m talking about both Shrek 4 and Toy Story 3 :wink: ). But what really impresses me is the way they develop their own style of animation and make it better with every new movie !

And yes, Pixar and Dream Works seem to spend years on every single frame so the result is not only perfect… but unique !

Didn’t yet see Shrek 4 but I was very disappointed on Shrek 3…

Shrek 2 and Toy Story 2 2 me are the best from each franchise. TS3 was a very touching conclusion to the series (a real ending I hope Disney doesn’t plan to milk away). But Shrek should just stop already: the high octane classical warner humor twist with faerie tales already worn off…

I like it how Pixar turned out to be the new Disney and Dreamworks to be Warner. Guess Blue Sky (Ice Age, Despicable Me) is Metro… ^^;

Correct… The second episode is never like the first one (look back to Disney with Lion King and Beauty and the Beast etc…).
Sometimes you can’t complete a story witch has already ended with the first movie
I think that Dream Works’ Madagascar Escape is an exception though :wink:

Intersting article :smiley:
I like Pixar in the way they put hidden objects in their movie! I saw the “Route 66” of Cars in Toy Story 3! So nice!