Pixar vs. Disney?

If you ask anyone what’s the best animation studio, he will answer “Pixar”. I would answer the same thing a year ago, but, from what I can see, Pixar’s losing ground… Let’s compare the 3 recent Disney and the 3 recent Pixar movies:
Tangled (Loved it, very entertaining)
Wreck-it Ralph (Loved it too, laughed A LOT)
Frozen (What can I say? My favourite animation movie so far. Plus, won 2 Oscars)
Cars 2 (Very Entertaining, sequel)
Brave (Loved it, but, for me, it had one or two problems)
MU (Didn’t like it, thought it was a bad idea making a sequel)
Maybe it’s just me, but, Disney seems to be winning ground in the animation Industry, producing wonderfull movies that get even better, while Pixar, except from the fact that keeps making sequels instead of having new ideas, it’s quality starts to decline. OK, yes, technically Pixar is superior, but here’s is another problem: In MU there where scenes that it’s impossible to figure out if it’s digital or real (except from the fact that there are some monsters in the scene XD). Am I the only one bothered with it, wanting the 3D invironment to be a “bit” unrealistic?
Plus Dreamworks seem to be getting better! LOL
How to train your dragon and Rise of the Guardians were really good movies(dunno about the Croods, haven’t seen it yet)…
What’s your opinion?
(Plus, what do you think should be the story of the next Disney or Pixar movie? Personally, I would like to see a Disney film about the Phantom of the Opera XD)
P.S.: Yes, I know Disney owns Pixar, I mean the Disney Animation Studio…

I don’t care. I just like the movies.

I don’t know if the title of the thread is all that valid these days as Disney has bought Pixar (in other words, Pixar now is Disney).

But yes, it seems like Disney has made some changes to how Pixar operates such as capitalizing more on its IP’s and the like, it seems like Disney also moved talent away from the Pixar productions as the studio seems to just be average now (though Toy Story 3 and Monster’s University were considered two of the best movies in the last several years).

I was just thinking about this the other day. Disney Animation Studios is top notch IMO and Pixar has lost something recently. Don’t get me wrong – Pixar is the defacto 800lb gorilla, but Tangled and Frozen were two of the best animated films I’ve seen in a while. They have that “Disney” animation quality to them and were extremely well done. Maybe Disney has learned a thing or two since acquiring Pixar, but they hold the top prize at the moment.

Well, to me, “it’s all​ good,” and both of these studios/brands are at the top of the game.