Pixar's Online Technical Memo Library


I’m not sure how many of you are aware of it but the papers produced here are really great and I really think would help evolve blender in the coming years by the techniques they’ve got down here.

A lot of people, the right people at that (i.e. the Developers), know about that site. Some of the features coming up in future releases of Blender are based off of those papers (I believe the harmonic coordinates for character animation is one of them).

This was posted on blendernation a while a go, but theirs nothing wrong with reminding those who missed it. It’s great stuff. Not only for the coder, but also for the animator.
Pixar’s the top of the game at the moment IMHO, and the fact that they’re willing to share their knowledge just adds to that.

Oh, my God! These go back to the 80’s. Fantastic.

If more of these techniques would be implemented in Blender, it would be fantastic. Also the info regarding speedups of blurred reflections / GI lightning etc. maybe that is where the “fast GI” is coming from? … I don’t know about someone who read’s these kind of articles, but I get really execited of what the future can bring to Blender!

I’m gonna have fun reading this. Thanks a lot for posting.

That latest Pixar paper has tons of stuff. I wonder if the Blender devs will implement everything the paper has for Project Peach.:eek:

I find it fantastic that Pixar are so willing to share their techniques, most companies are quite possesive of discoveries that they make inhouse. It is this information that will propel the whole industry forward. Imagine what Blender will be like in 5 years. I forsee some real competition against Maya and XSI once the userbase strengthens, a support system is put in place for users, especially businesses who need the software to be bullet proof for major budget projects while the output of material from Blender just gets better and more refined as the technology progresses.