Pixel Art Shading Issues

Hello there,
Ive been trying to make pixel art in blender for some time now but i just cant seem to get it to work and look good. Ive gotten everything to work and look pixely but it doesn’t look good. I have around 6 years experience with blender and doing pixel art by hand and wanted to try blender for the automatic lighting and animating. Here is the problem, the shading/lighting isn’t harsh enough to show up in pixel art. Ive made a simple barrel with a flat color and no spec but the rims don’t cast shadows so it all just looks blended together Capture The image is of the rendered barrel. I found another artists pixel art that he made in blender and he was able to get nice shadows and lighting in general http://www.raymondstoops.nl/?p=218 . My question is how do i get stronger shadows, like the ones this artist has made?
Thanks - Grish