Pixel paiting on model

Hi guys,
is it possible to paint on mesh with exact pixel size brush in Texture paint mode and stroke of brush will be same even if you zoom?

I will try to describe it more:


  1. Setting size of brush in pixels (I found it in Brush setting)- But it is related to screen “space”
  • I would like to have brush size related to texture “space”
  • No matter how much you zoom in or out, you will always paint in " set brush size "
  • I mean the stroke on texture will be always same (now the stroek change)
  1. Smooth or hard brush (can imagine usage for “pixelart” texture painting)

Dont take it wrong. I dont demand it Im just asking if there is a way to do this. Or is there any project which is related to this and would be eventually possible to implement it to it?

Thank you, happy blending