Pixel Parade update

I am slowly working on my website pixelparade.org as I have time. I have decided to sell graphic design services. A friend has joined me in the project. He has some good 2d graphic design skills so he will take care of that angle. Im not the best 3d artist but I will do simple 3d work and manage the website. This is how it looks so far. What do you think? Any suggestions? Im working on getting the annoying blue box from going all the way accross the screen.

link below

stupid free hosts, sorry my website is not a blank white page. you can actually see it here I uploaded it to my other website:


It’s quite basic so far, and it looks a like those domain advertisment pages (the ones you get from visiting expired domains /advertiment sites, like this one but not specifically this one… http://mpodg.com/ this is jsut one i can quickly find to show you what im on about…)

In addition nothing seems well placed or complements each other, they all seem to be randomly placed and are of all different alignments,making it look patchy and all bodged job’d together…