Pixel perfect 2d meshes

I have an atlas containing several images I want to create pixel perfect meshes for. My current method is as follows:

  1. Put atlas in orthographic scene background and in uv background.
  2. control-click verts around a single image and create the face I want.
  3. use UV Unwrap->Project from view.
  4. take the UV verts given and try to scale and translate them properly.

Trying to scale and translate uv verts into perfect placement isn’t giving me very good results. The documentation says that “project from view” is scaled and placed based on the current scene view. Is there a way to make the uv verts I get from “project from view” to be placed pixel perfect in scale and position?

I am not sure, i couldnt get it to work perfectly either…It deforms.
I heard however that higher density meshes give better results. Try subdividing it a few times.