pixel pushing with glsl , <how?>

is there anyway to create an underwater effect , a line of pixels is pushed through glsl ???

i really will be happy with this :slight_smile:

i was too happy with the gloom effect (2d custom filter) by mpan for zaghaghi’s build …

thanks .

well currently in blender you can warp textures using GLSL like this


someone on the forums did make a bender version of this… so you could make it look like it was underwater by rippling all the textures on your objects?

can this effect be applied on the rendred scene , i don’t want to make it for each specifiv object .

and can i flirt with the values so they change …

by the way , it is not exactly the desired effect , actually i want to grab some rows of pixels to right and left , … someone told me in this forum that it is possible …


LOL, you asked this question already.


You have told others not to duplicate their questions. You shouldnt either.

no you can’t do it with just a GLSL shader… unless you write a custom filter in GLSL using Zaghaghi’s post processing thingy. So it might be possible… tho I’m not sure how you’d write one using his custom filter actuator.

yeah , i will try to make that effect with zaghaghi’s custom filter with glsl :slight_smile: …

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