Pixel shading ?


This grafic card says it has pixel shading, is this the same technolgy they use for Toy storys ?

Well… sort of. Programable pixel shading is one of things used in Toy Story, as well as every other CG special effect done in the last several years.

But Toy Story also used a lot of other things, such a Reyes-based rendering, displacement maps, programable light-source shaders, pixel-perfect curved-surface rendering (possible because of the Reyes-based rendering), geometry generation, jitter-based motionblur and anti-aliasing, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on.

The talk about programable pixel shading allowing for “Toy Story” graphics is basically just an advertising scheme. And, as with most advertising schemes, it does have a nugget of truth in it, but it’s not really “on the level”.

Also, even though the concept of programable pixel shading is the same in both cases (recent graphics cards, and Toy Story), the implimentation of it in the graphics cards is somewhat more limited than the rediculously flexable RenderMan implimentation used in Toy Story.

But don’t think for a second that the programmable pixel shading in the graphics cards suck, because they are still a big leap forward for the quality of realtime 3d graphics.

Cool, so I should get this card, NO ? Do asus and Abit cards also have these features ?