Pixel Studios

I’m starting a new community called “Pixel Studios”. It’s the idea to gather people who create games & art, of any kind. Than they can organize themselfs and find new kinds of creation. I’m working on a real sit ebut sofar just a community. Please take a look. It has just started so the user have to get growing. I’m trying to get interested user form all over the internet to get there. Explore, Learn, Create. It uses most free programs. The forums are there to support individual projects as well as group projects, focussed however on group projects. Please register and give it a chance to grow large…


Not sure why people always want to branch off to other communities. IMO it just fragments the talent around here. After all isn’t Elysiun a place where people gather to create art, games etc. of any kind? Wouldn’t it be possible to do it here so we can all watch?

Another thing, you may want to reconsider the name unless you are these people - there are actually quite a few ‘pixel studios’ companies:


This stuff goes beyond elysiun. As it is also alot gamemaker, java, and other programms.

it is to broaden your view and get in touch with other forms of games & art creation.

Sounds good, I think this site could fly if your site would provide extra content, then you can attract a following. Is the site only limited to a forum? when I tried your site it brought an error page… Is there a site index?