Pixel to cubes

Hi all,
i remember seeing a script that could turn an image into cubes but cant find the link. Anyone can help ?i really appreciate.
I want to turn image of an old 2d pixel art game into cubes like fake 3d.

Hi, try:

There is at least one more but I can’t find it ATM.

Edit: this by @panzi is another option

Thank you!

something like this ?

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Hey, ricky I was looking for a solution I had. I want to turn a real life picture into a heightmap. I saw you replied to someone saying this was possible. Could you contact me on discord jwisdom403#3534, email [email protected] , or instagram jwisdom403? please I am really needing a answer

can you show image here and might be able to get more ideas from other people too !

may be open a new thread
but have a look at this one

also Gimp could be use to make different type of maps!

you could also use the PM on this forum

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The excellent livenoding series on Youtube has several examples using Sverchok (and Animation nodes,IIRC). Here’s one I found, but there are quite a few of them.
Evaluate Image and Push Pin Animation