Pixel/Voxel ART Floating Island

Hey, Owen here. I have been learning some new designs in blender, you may recognise some from Pig art on youtube? thats where I started to make them. I would like some feed back if possible its not the best but I will improve no after effects where added.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuVxN87AnnFsRMAyhzu-fSg/videos this is my channel please sub for updating features on this please :slight_smile:

This is my first attempt just to add I didnt watch tutorials and replicate them I literally saw what he had made and I put my own twist on it straight away.

This is my second one this is where it gets interesting (sort of) you can notice the back ground pops the colours alot more other than world lighting and that I used alot more particles I think rocks where added to this one making the total particle count 2075. its not much but I did not want to over do it.

But I have recently paired with someone who was interested as I was to change this art style into a First person game a RPG so we will be attempting to pull that of if any ones interested. If you are and you are either a animator or coder (C# or python) please PM me please.

I have now seen the images in the place holders they dont look as quite sharp as I wanted them to be I rendered them at 2000 samples in Cycles please explain why they’re not clear.

Well pictures never appear perfectly clear on blenderartists, how ironic. I think that the trees of the first picture are better for low poly. I’m confused about whats under them however, and also you have geo problems on your second picture’s land.

Oh so thats why the pics aint clear. I think the first trees look better too theres little extruded cubes holding them up, but yeah the second scene has more detail in it but focuses on adding stuff but the lighting is not working properly theres that little bug you spotted and it all went down hill the thurther I went on. But the second picture is the same set up and materials as the first one I simply just added a new cube for the land and made new tree’s so I do not know where I went wrong :frowning: