Pixelated render? With these settings? Wut?

An occasional problem after I installed 2.91 is that renders will come out pixelated, even if denoising is on. Doesn’t matter which kind of denoising, the choice only seems ot make a difference whther things are pixelated, or pixelated with an ugly greyish purple wash. I’ve also been seeing weird problems with both the render preview and the render coming out incredibly dark, regardless of exposure settings.

Also the render preview refuses to show anything in the vewport except microscopic white pixels unless I have denoising on. This is not the way Blender was behaving when I was still using 2.90.1. I have been trying to trouble shoot this for acouple of days now, and I am fed up.

I am uploading a test scene which I have built using my standard settings, and which should allow people to reproduce the problems. I hope this helps someone more technically competent and smarter than I apparently am figure out what the problem is. Meanwhile, I am seriously inclined to roll back to 2.90.1 I am very disappointed in the new version. I have been eagerly awaiting this, and it turns out to be a kludge.

And before, someone takes me to task for it, yes, I have an opinion. It may not match yours. Yes, I’m expressing it too. (imagine that)

Another 291 Test scene.blend (1.2 MB)

Edited to add System info:

Win7 x64 Pro, AMD FX8350 8-core CPU, 16 GB RAM, MSI built Nvidia GTX1080 8GB GPU,

I’m not exactly sure what were you expecting from that scene. There’s practically no light worth mentioning as far as all the visible pixels are concerned. The chance that any given bounce would actually get to a light source is extremely low.

This scene should behave the way you see it behave. Yes, in 2.90 too :slight_smile:

Move your lights down. Break a wall and let some light in from the outside. Denoised render after moving lights down:

What I was expecting was something like this, which was done in 2.90.1.

Yes, it’s dark, but 25 illumination sources set to 150 watts apiece should yield something like this example. ANyway, I suppose it’s all moot at his point. I’ve rolled back to 2.90.1 because any one minor flaw I might overlook, but all of them, plus being crashy, and twitchy, even after a clean install, just doesn’t cut it. I’ll try with a maintenance releas in a few months, or whatever.

I appreciate your attempts to help, Stan. It’s nothing personal. I’m fed up with functionality changing when it shouldn’t and having to alter my workflow, and still try to make deadlines, and maintain productivity… :woozy_face:

WHy did I take up cg as a profession again? :crazy_face: