Pixelated texture baking problem in blender

I am using multiple 2k textures from the Materialx library and I want to import my model in unity game engine. While baking the textures its gets pixelated, I try to bake texture in 2k and even 4k resolution but the result is the same.


Blend:- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cV8MTyJtGtFUbRzmOe8y4U23q7d9y6Hc/view?usp=sharing

What blender version are you using. Are You using texture size limit for the viewport? A few versions ago there was a problem with viewing images in Blender if you had texture size limit activated in the user preferences in the viewport tab. Can you see if disabling texture size limit changes anything, in case you have it on?

I am using Blender 2.93

That’s really weird. Do you have problems with other textures too? Did you try to change your node setup to see if it affects anything?

yeah, have problems with other textures.

Could you share part of your model to inspect here?
edit: sorry, I did not see the file there.

Your model came without the textures attached.


I made a test here and in Blender 3-0 it’s working as it was supposed to. I will make a test on 2.93.

Actually, I am wrong. It’s not working as it should because you are setting the nodes in the wrong way. I don’t understand really what you want to achieve, but using a normal map as a factor to mix a principled BSDF material node with an emission material is not a good start. If you connect the principled BSDF node directly to the material output you will have it working. But it would be good to know what is your intention.

Can you explain what you want to do?

Basically, it looks weird because you have your colorramp node set too hard.

If you change your colorramp node to this, it will look much better.

Watch this video from 4:45

but here instead of using a height map I use a normal map.

The problem with the normal map is that you have values in different color components that not necessarily are properly converted in grey values in the right places I understand that your objective is to provide a mask to mix the 2 materials, but a normal map is not the best choice. Besides that, if you force this normal map with a colorramp node with an extreme contrast you force the pixels to be exaggeratedly marked. Maybe the best would be if you bake this colorramp output to see what effect you are producing with that.

Maybe if you use a higher resolution map the pixels would not be so visible. But again, it would be better to use a proper map for that purpose, not forcing it with a colorramp node.

Another problem is that you are not optimizing your UV maps. You have too much empty space.