Pixelation with nodes?

Is it possible to create a pixelated effect using blenders nodes? I’m comping a pole into some video footage but the footage has been compressed badly and is quite blocky (see image). Is there a way to create a similar effect on my objects with nodes so they blend better into the scene? I’ve tried using a bit of blur and this helps but how can I achieve that bad digital video look?


Maybe you could output your animated pole (ooer) to individual frame images at a size smaller than the video, then use the sequencer to bring it all together (scaling the images up to the right size so that pixelation occurs. Long process I guess :frowning:

Maybe work at it from two directions, try to improve the appearance of the video frames with a video processing application like AVISynth and / or maybe encode out your 3D element in the same low quality settings in the same movie codec then bring the encoded element back in and composite?

Yeah, yellow got it right. There’s just one problem: Most codecs that compress hard don’t support alpha channels. So you need to create a seperate mask and encode that one, too.

Thanks for the advice guys, that’s a whole lot of work for a 4 second shot, I thought there might be an easier way around it. Nevermind I’ve settled on a compromise, I stuck with the blur in the nodes and then added a very light animated noise filter in after effects which pulls the comp together well enough for the amount of time it will be on screen.


2.49 used to have VSE pluggins that did some basic nasty video effects, perhaps try that?