Pixelization Effect (No longer possible?)

Has something changed in Blender’s compositing schema that causes this pixelization effect to no longer work?

Trying to get this effect and I set up the nodes exactly like this but it’s not working for me.
It’s as if the Transform node no longer behaves in the same way.

Try this different way. You’re right, something seems to have changed in the Transform node with that old way.

Scaling it down and back up again usually works, but concatenation carries through the original pixel data. So, if you scale an image down 10%, then back up 10x, it NOT push through the scaled down pixels, it will recognize that you want it to be the original size again and simply pipe that image through as if there’s no change.

This way scales it down, then inserts a node that does nothing except break the concatenation (the passing through of the original image), then scales it back up to the original size.

The old way should work, as well, if you stick a filter node or a blur node between the scales and set it to 0. It simply breaks the concatenation.

ps - I spelled concatenation wrong on the image. Sorry.

Check out this thread http://www.blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?315396-How-to-Pixelize-Images-in-Blender&highlight=

Nice! In that example, all the pixelate node does is break the concatenation. I guess that’s what it’s for, since it seems to do nothing, otherwise.

Thank you!