Pixelized robot face

Hi Community,

I’m modeling currently a little robot and want to give him some kind of pixelized screen face like Eve from Wall-E has. Any idea how to realize that in a smart way? I tried just to make some simple meshes (circles) and use the shrinkwrap modifier since the face is not flat but that does not work properly. Maybe use just an animated texture?

Here’s how the guy looks like till now.

Did you find a solution or idea? I remember a tutorial for that but i cant find it… Maybe someone else?

There’s some discussion of this (not too much useful technical detail though probably) in Jeff’s presentation about Tangent’s work on Next Gen at the last Blender conference:

(it’s worth watching regardless)

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Jeah… Very short and that they created an addon for that because it projects curves onto the surface…

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Try making a curve, shrink wrapping it to face, apply shrink, alt c convert to mesh, shrink wrap again. Optionally convert back to curve and shrink one more time. I know this sounds redundant but I’ve found it necessary if I want a curve nicely wrapped to a surface.

Another option is just to UV the face, and overlay a texture/material which is transparent over the black background except obv where face should be. Animating that neatly would be possible but probably tedious.