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Welcome to my little doodlebook!

You will find rough sculpts/3d sketches and wips here mostly of characters, creatures and animals, both stylized and realistic, fresh and old. Basically all the fun stuff that ended up on the cutting floor or is very early work in progress. There´s quite a bunch there, so you can expect quite regular updates with a sprinkle of sculpting wisdom coming from yours truly. Cheers!

(PixelPete) #2

based on an incredible design by chris ayers. Source is here: http://www.chrisayersdesign.com/

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human anatomy studies:

(PixelPete) #7

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(m_squared) #9

Good stuff here. You are very good! Keep them coming.

(ToshiCG) #10

Great anatomy studies. Are you following any anatomy course?

(PixelPete) #11

Thank you two!

@ToshiCG: Nope, but I have a ton of anatomy books I learn from, plus what I find incredibly useful is: http://www.visiblebody.com/atlas_pc_overview/ (I´m not getting paid to advertise this… unfortunately… but it´s great!)

(PixelPete) #12

quick male study for today:

(ToshiCG) #13

Great, I think your knowledge of anatomy is impressive.
Thanks for sharing that website!

(filou.rod) #14

Very nice and creative stuff!Inspiring.
various angles and lightings of your model.
Thanks for sharing.:wink:

(threedslider) #15

Cool so much character to inspire us, great job on that.

(PixelPete) #16

@ToshiCG: Thanks! I hope you find it useful!
@filou.rod: Thank you, I´m glad you like it!
@threedslider: Merci :slight_smile:

Here´s a little posed up update of the gorilla. Still quite some polishing to do, especially on hands and feet. Here´s the reference:

(bert vdb) #17

Wow, some really impressive sculpts man! Especialy those human bodies, do you start with a basemesh for these or from scratch everytime?

Keep it up!

(PixelPete) #18

Thanks Bert, I´m glad you like it! These bodies I did from scratch (except greek guy and Batman; those are from the same mesh). Often I reuse older hands and feet however to save time with that.

(PixelPete) #19

quick fun concept sketch:

(0rAngE) #20

Super impressive sketchbook!
Love the style on all of those.The forms, anatomy and execution are really good!
Great to see another good sculptor pick up Blender! Just wondering, have you used any sculpting or modeling apps prior to Blender?