Pixie (not the renderer)

Here’s my latest work, experimenting with skin shader and lighting.
Influenced by the work of Brian Froud.


C & C’s as always welcome.
Thanks for looking

Now THAT is freaky!
(But nice! Good modeling, textures are a little low-res but work. You could probably work on the rendering aspect of it a bit more.)

Reminds me of gollum somehow… textures on bottom left of coat seem a little messed up… but otherwise it’s great!

The eyes look a little flat. I’m guessing they’re just an image?

Other than that, fantastic. Nice SSS in the left ear.

Acutally made me think of a Fey-ifed Quark from DS9 … cools :slight_smile:

Thank you for you replies.


You could probably work on the rendering aspect of it a bit more.
Could you be a bit more specific please. links/tutorials appreciated. Yes the textures were low res.

Guitar87: yes the iris is a texture, they’re probably looking a bit flat due to the emit value, noted for next time.

Made me think of Dobby…

Anyways, the model’s really good. Like the others said, the textures could be a little highere res.

Nice character ! May be you can add bump no ?