Pixie Renderer Help

Hey, guys. Can anyone help me to get started on learning how to render with Pixie? What all does it support (e.g. is it able to render particles or live action composites)? How do you go about rendering with Pixie? Is it a renderer you all would recommend? Thanks in advance!!

I think you need to download Mosaic.

RenderMan exporter http://sourceforge.net/projects/ribmosaic
MOSAIC manual (a bit outdated) http://ribmosaic.wiki.sourceforge.net/
Development blog http://www.blendertorenderman.org/
Small blog tutorial series on using MOSAIC http://www.blendertorenderman.org/search?q=ramblings
Pixie manual http://www.renderpixie.com/pixiewiki/Main_Page

Also you may want to search these forums for “Pixie”, “RenderMan” or “mosaic” as I have answered this question before. RenderMan is not for the faint of heart but it is getting better :wink:

Eric Back (WHiTeRaBBiT)