Pixilated Lighting Problem

Hey guys I’m in desperate need of some help with this star trek project im doing. I put three point lamps down to illuminate a ship in all directions. Also I got some Particles With emission materials. This is all useing Cycles. Anyways This is what shows up when I render. The Model is downloaded.

How many samples are you using for your render.

Attach or link to your blend file so others can see what you have. The render on its own is insufficient for anything but guesswork

Ill do it as long as people only fix the lighting problem and nothing else

sorry guys it appears it wont let me upload .blend files for some very strange reason

Is there any Depth of Field?

Nope it doesn’t I checked

Check file isn’t too large. I assume you have already enabled ‘compressed’ when you saved, or zip it, or put it in a public dropbox folder or other online storage solution, or one of the huge number of file host sites such as http://www.pasteall.org/blend/. There are many solutions with a little imagination or thought, so use one and let other people look at the file.

As I asked before, how many samples are you using ?

Thanks for your help guys. After a Little Digging, I found out that I had to increase samples in the world tab. Thanks anyways