Pixologic ➔ Maxon ZBrush

I feel you, @Toka . :neutral_face:

I’ve just installed 2022.0.5, since I had impulsively uninstalled ZBrush out of sheer Maxon frustration. :grin:

It feels like the famous Simon & Garfunkel song “Hello ZBrush my old friend!” :grin: But ominous clouds are still drifting above ZBrush since the Maxon takeover.

The past weeks I’ve taken a deep dive into the 3D Coat sea, and although there’s lots of stuff to love in there, such as the great spline tools, the UI / UX is still slightly idiosyncratic, and it can be a bit buggy and unstable, particularly after a lengthy sculpting session.

My current plan is to keep ZB installed until we know the price for upgrading a perpetual license. If that price turns out to be reasonable, I won’t mind upgrading. Otherwise I’ll keep using ZB 2022 until Blender Sculpt Mode and/or 3D Coat make it fully obsolete. Nomad Sculpt might also get a desktop version sooner or later. I asked for it over at the Nomad Sculpt forum. The developer is still focusing on the tablet app, but I guess there will be a desktop version in the future.