Pixy Our Cat Captured in Blender 2.57

We got a new kitten, her name is Pixy. I used her as a model, she would not sit still. All you cat lovers will have to take a look.:yes: Joe

Hehehe…cute. Now we need to find our ca.

Nice job, looking pretty good! Only thing I noticed is that cats eyes aren’t round… Especially for a front render, try making them into slits. The one thing to take into account is that if you are using subsurf, beware of turning them into triangles, because they won’t smooth well.

[email protected] Thanks for the interest. The eyes are made from icospheres and the pupils are scaled to the x plane. This way they can be slits or round. Here is another pic of the kitten.

fix eyesockets, and amend nose, she looks funny!

real cool joe1. looks a little like my kitten if it had white chest.

Dhia, There is two things that make a cat look right (realistic), the eyes and the ears. She (Pixy) is 90 % Siamese. Cute as a button and funny all around. I will work on the eye sockets, got to add lashes and maybe a little hair. Can’t get the hair and whiskers to grow right. A work in progress. Thanks for the comments.

I am new at this Blender, but I am hooked. Joe