Pizza thief

short video i made as a project to practice animating

i still have quite a way to go!

LMAO ! Nice project ! Good integration, too ! The poses are there, the intention is clear, the walk in particular could use more work though : make sure the back foot lifts after the front foot has touched the ground and the body is mostly in imbalance towards the front, too - think of a walk as a constant fall, that’s postponed at every step.

That’s pretty cool :slight_smile:

thanks for your tips, sadly that walk is actually a run. thats the reason both feet come off the ground, i really messed up with the timing though which is why he runs at a slow walking pace :frowning:

the falling forward aspect is a good point to remember i did try to incorporate some body wieght feeling in the beginning walk but i thing it wasnt emphasised enough, espesially when he started the run!

Ok. Try to time yourself when you run, how much time passes between two steps, then translate that into frames. This is definitely too slow for a run.

haha yeah i know, more practice needed!