Place a cloth on a table. Convert it to mesh. Duplicate it a few times???

Basic question.

I need to drape a cloth on a table. I know that maybe the SoftBody can do this. I need it to look realistic. Any GOOD tuts on this?

Is baking is needed too? If so, I need a dozen tables and that is a lot of baking. I assume there is a way to convert the mesh to stay ‘solid’. Then I can duplicate it.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks:D

You could always model the cloth manually, setup any controls you need to animate that cloth manually, then use groups/dupliverts to apply this setup to many tables that all copy what the ‘control’ table does.


If this is for a still scene you could use softbody to get the look you want. Keep advancing the frame one by one and let the system do the softbody calculations to the frame you feel best about. Then go to your editing buttons and apply the modifier. Then you could duplicate this mesh for all the tables. Don’t forget to work on a copy of your cloth just in case.

I baked a 50 frame softbody solution to a cloth over a cube and then duplicate the cloth and the bake didn’t appear on the duplicated object. I used SHIFT-D as well as ALT-D.

I tried to fake softbody in the GE using a object swapping script. You can find the post here. It uses the technique in the top paragraph to create 20 meshes, one for each frame of the softbody so it is very time consuming but interesting none the less. Might give you some ideas.

This is for a still scene.

I got what I needed using the softbody. However, there are a lot of polys required, being that the ‘table’ is not flat on the top, but rather curved.

I didn’t use enough vertices the first time.