Place Setting (My test with raytracing and subsurf)

I started by making the glass to try my hand at raytracing then decided to expand it to a complete place setting. I’m using Blender’s internal renderer to render these pictures because from what I’ve heard, Yafray is really slow.
Yeah I know the fork looks really weird and I’m having trouble with the spoon as well.

C&C please.

I fixed the fork up and changed the plate a bit. I also changed the lighting just to make it interesting. Heres a bit of an update:

I honestly don’t see the raytracing. Probably because you have a solid blue background.

Build a scene around the dinner setting so there’s actually something to raytrace into the reflections. Either that or add an image texture to the World background

Again, I don’t even see any raytracing. Am I missing something?

The glass used raytransparency and the flatware uses raymirror. Also the shadows are from the raytracer. I’m just starting this but the final one will have a background to it.

Please go get a fork and look at it, then make the necessary changes. This has to be the easiest object to get a reference for and yet everyone seems to have trouble with them. Also, your spot light is way to close, or the engergy is way to high for that scene. Try throwing in some AO at a low setting to give you some shadows as well.

I’d guess both fork and spoon look bad because they are subserfed, which moved the edges around a lot? I’m not sure though.

Honestly nothing looks altered or updated except for the lighting setup, The only utensiles I’ve seen that look remotely like that are ancient wood spoons and sporks. Do YOU think that looks like the forks that you have in your kitchen?? Both the fork and the spoon should have a more metalic look to them, right now they look like plastic. The plate is fine but lacks any detail or reflection of the world. The glass needs a lot of work, is the base color black, or is that happening some other way? The liquid inside has no transparentcy. This would look good in a yafray render with some photon lamps on the glass with a full GI render.

I’d say you need to decide what to work on here. If this is a raytracing learning experiment, then forget whether the fork looks just like the one in your drawer or not and play around with the raytracing. If you want your setting to look really good, then you need to back up and get your models down first.