Place to be at - Island, Water, Ocean, Coral, Fish

Hi all,

finished my “Place to be at”-Island. … I can’t help it, but something seems to be missing. Any advise ?

Tanks, and best regards.

First render:

Render with changes, made with advises from here.

  • 2560x1440
  • Cycles, 1024
  • Noise Threshold: 0.1

Requested Wallpaper 4K sizes:

  • 5120x2880
  • Cycles, 1024 samples
  • Noise Threshold: 0.1


I think it looks very nice! I would like to visit there - at least before the oceans rise . .

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Very cool!! For advise I’m not sure. The palm trees and island seem just a bit blurry. I think underwater needs to be just a bit darker and light absorption or something. Just seems a little flat lighting underwater.

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That’s a No-Rise-Ocean, look at the beach … “No Help” needed :rofl:

Thank’s for you comment and advise… I thought about, making the palm blurry afterwards via composition, because there are farther away in the depth… But I will keep this in mind and think about it.

Also, the underwater. You’re right, after you said this here, I’m kind of seeing this too. :+1:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You all were right… I removed the blur from the palms in the background, changed the direction of the water-godrays, to be symetrical, and adjusted the water volume absorption… I pretty like it now, i guess this is my final render.

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Looks better to me. As for depth of field, one has to be careful. If that were a photo in such bright light the depth of field of the camera would be almost infinite. Adding too much make it take on the scale of a miniature set.

Water looks better too in my opinion. It’s not something we see every day so expectations might differ from reality. There are many photo references to go by. I think you’ve gotten close.

Kind of wish I was there at the moment! Not too worried about rising sea levels. There’s a boat there after all. :sweat_smile: Sea level rise is rather slow if it exists at all. A large wave might be a greater concern.

I like the sign. Kind of like “leave me alone!”

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It it possible to render that 4K? That would make a nice wallpaper.

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I didn’t think about this recognition and nice comments while creating this scene. Furthermore it’s a pleasure for me, thanks for requesting.

I put a render with a higher resolution in the main post above, 5120x2880. Enjoy. :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thanks!!