Place vertices x axis

Hey guys, I have this object where I need to place the same upper vertice (orange) on the lower part next to the white one.
I’ve tried duplicating the upper one onto the lower part but it doesn’t stick with the edge.

I hope I’ve explained it as I want to, anything is welcome, thanks in advance.


Hard to see what’s going on, looks we’re seeing the back of the object throught a cut out.

Try the knife tool, press k to enable knife and click on orange vertex, press c to constrain and move the mouse down which will align with the verticle axis until you reach the edge which you require the vertex on, should cut the edge and leave a vertex where required.

You could also select the edge which you need the vertex and press w then s to sub-divide, then its a matter of pressing gg to slide the vertex in place, not so accurate though.

Thanks! What you mention is what I’ve been doing but I eventually found out the way, thanks!