Places to get a mac fixed

I have a 13 inch macbook pro and there’s a end of some headphones stuck in the headphone jack. Where can I send my computer to get this removed?

Is there an Apple store in your area?

yes but they can’t get it out they say the only way is to get a replacement motherboard for 600 with apple care protection or to find a 3rd party place online that is able to get it out.

Look for a general computer-repair guru in your area.

I have seen this kind of problem fixed (with a phone, actually) by finding a thin metal rod and carefully daubing a bit of Super-Glue into the end of it. Carefully insert it into the socket and press firmly against the stuck piece of metal. Allow to dry. Then, gently remove.

The Apple store people are not joking with you: they replace parts. The entire motherboard assembly is “a part.” You will never find a soldering iron in an Apple repair shop.

Yes, the super glue and paper clip can work, however be extremely careful not to use too much glue or get it where is doesn’t belong or you will never get the plug end out. If you can, try to reach it with a pair pointy tweezers instead. This has worked for me before, and you don’t run the risk of gluing the end in place.

EDIT Oh and make sure to power down your system first, whichever method you decide to choose.

Ya I already tried super glue… 2 months ago, it made it worse

Well, since you have already rendered the warranty void by using super glue,
you have 3 options:

1.) Take it apart and find the problem (acetone or finger nail polish remover will free things from crazy glue).

2.) Find someone who will do it for you.

3.) Pay up and get a new MB.

Just for future reference…

Sorry, you should have asked 2 months ago.

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Now here is another little trick you can try if tweezers don’t work at first. There is a material that is called shim stock. It comes in all sorts of thickness. Get stainless steel if you can. If you get some @ say .001" thickness (really only need a small piece, you can probably get some for free from an auto dealer or someplace) Then roll it up into a tube that fits the outside diameter of the jack and around the plug. Then work it in slowly and that should cut any super glue that may be in the way. Then some tweezers should be able to remove the broken off piece.
Remember, you have to be smarter than the machine!
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Find someone who will do it for you.

Where can I get this done for me. I just feel that I should stay away from the headphone jack in fear of making it worse. Also there are little tabs inside the headphone jack that could break off by a tube being shoved through them. Then id really be in trouble.