placing 3d object on 360 image

Is there any good tutorial about placing a 3d object on a 360 image and being able to scroll trough the image, or by turning your phone, as used by Facebook?

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Find any 360 video on youtube and use Keepvid website to rip it (for educational purposes only). Now use that as an image source for your Cycles world material Environment texture, unwrapped by Equirectangular. Then place objects in filed of view with camera set to panorama equirectangular.

You can render a still and upload it to the Vrais website which has an app for your phone. They are 100% blender friendly!

thanks for the tip. I suppose when I render I need to use the image proportions instead of the 1920x1080.

youtube accepts equirect at 1080 res. I think that you may still have to use a metadata injector to fix the file before upload tho.

I rendered a 4k video, and indeed used a metadata injector tool.

To align a 360 photo/video and renderings, you can choose between two options:

  1. your 360 photo is also a hdr map:
    under Properties->world->settings choose environment texture, equirectangular
    Select the image as texture

  2. your photo is just background:
    select “transparent” under Properties->Render->Film.
    Configure the camera to be equirectangular.
    Set 3D view to rendered
    Switch to camera view
    add background image
    use compositor or a paint program to combine the render and the background image