placing a curve EXACTLY

i made the sphere then placed tiny spheres around it to show towns.
is there a way to put the curves exactly on the towns or is it just trial and hoping!

can one make the ends of the curves solid so they do not look hollow as they grow.
see pic.
thanks all


test1worldtrip.blend (1.24 MB)

Under the Bevel Factor options for curves there should be a “Fill Caps” check box.

Can you rephrase the first part of your question? I’m not getting what you’re asking.

Snapping works in curve editing:

  • (object mode) select small circle
  • snap 3d cursor to selection
  • select “route” curve
  • in edit mode, select control point
  • snap to cursor

Your curve control points have their own xyz axes. Select one and look in the transforms panel.

I think i understand the second half of the question. Just press alt + Z to switch to viewport textured mode, and placing your points should be much easier.

am i looking in the right place for the caps thingy - not working yet

SNAP works for me.

thanks everyone