Placing Images on Meshes/planes

I want to be able to accuratly place an image (.png file) onto a irregular shaped 2d plane. Is there an easy way to precisly line up an image to the plane?
For example, I have a 2d shape made by tracing a background image and bezier curves, converted to mesh and I have a shape which is like a horseshoe. I created a maze of faces from the vertices and applied F-Gon to get a single face (I was following some tut for this).
Now I want to apply my image to my shape (which is the same one I traced it from), but I find the image is 90deg out, which I rotated in my drawing prog, but I can’t get it to align or size it to exactly how I want.
Is there an easy process of gently nudging and sizing my image until they both marry together? I am going to be building a Blender project which is going to rely heavily on images on objects, so any help will be much appreciaited. I using Blender 2.46 BTW.
also follow the wiki link in my sig & check image as mesh.
Also you can select a face or group of faces in blender & assign an image to them in the uv editor.