Placing modular parts, best practice?

Does anyone have any advice or know of any addons that could quicken putting together modular parts in Blender?

I have a set of over 100 modular parts in 1 file. All parts have dimensions of either 1, 2, 4 and 8, and all origins are such that they can be rotated around the origin without messing up grid position. Currently I keep snap during transform on and set it to use increments, and keep the pivot point as the origin so I can freely rotate parts.

The part that takes the most time though is moving the camera back and forth to pick the appropriate part, and then duplicating and moving it to where I need it (this is made even slower by having snap increment on so I can’t snap it dirently to where I am working).

I know modular sets arn’t uncommon so was wondering if anyone had any advice. Thanks.

You wrote:

Why moving camera??? Or Viewport???
But you know how to split the 3d-area to make something like a “selection window” and how to position the cursor (maybe by moving an empty by grid snap and setting the cursor position) and to move your selected duplicated object to the cursor (offset) with SHIFT-S ??