Placing objects on a plane.

I’ve been searching for an answer to this and have found a few ideas with physics and addons, but they’re not quite what I need.

I’m modelling a very large scene with hundreds of objects that sit on an undulating plane mesh. The total amount of hours spent gently moving objects around so they ‘just sit’ on the surface of the mesh must be frightening.

The physics approach isn’t great as I’d have to add physics to every object, place it, test the animation, etc. thus not saving any time.

Anyone have any ideas to speed things up?


Drop to ground addon ?

That looks very interesting, not exactly what I had in mind, but that really could help a lot. Many thanks for the link Richard, I will download and test tonight. :o)

What about something like this?

The hexagons are all controlled by the base plane, it sounds like something similar to what you want.