Placka (Old Town Athens) * UPDATE *

I decided to have a go at this scene because it would help develop my texturing skills, something I have little experience of, usually using blender for product modelling and design. It came about after a trip to Athens where I managed to grab a few hours to look around. I loved the Plaka area, the Café culture and steep narrow alleyways. The character of the old buildings was fabulous. I have tried to recreate the same sun baked character of the old town.

Some of you may have seen the development of the scene in the Work In Progress thread.Hope you like it.

Reworked image following some sound comments: Removed a number of sharp edges, remapped the stone wall, more plants, improved cliff face and warmed up the lighting.
New Render

Original Image.

Vertices: 841,179
Rendered: Blenders internal
Textures: Gimphoto


Looks really good. I would suggest adding the glass reflection on the lamp to the right aswell. Very efficient use of polies and textures. GJ!

beautiful …

I was looking a bit more and realised there are (allmost) no dead leafs or any discoloring on the organic stuff. So… that is one more thing you could improve. GJ again!

Wow nice job. I love to see this great image and then see that there is hardly anything there! There is only like half of a building and everything just gets cut off. But looks great though! Great image!

Looks great, robbur. Five stars. Are you going to try any other renderers on it?

This looks really nice! Good work! :yes:

But I think you can improve it:
-Give the sun (or lamp, whatever you’re using) a more yellow/orange colour and your scene will look a lot warmer. Maybe you can put the lamp somewhere else so that you have more shadows of the plants?

-Distortion make things look realistic. Putting some garbage, dirt and textures on the wall, ground and rock (in the back) will increase the level of realism. (Right now, it looks like some objects aren’t textured yet)

I like it a lot but I hope you don’t stop here already!
Please keep it up :wink:

Btw: How did you make the plants?


It’s really good. Goes to show that a lot can be made out of relatively simple models and decent textures, and I like the fact that you’ve included a screengrab of your setup too. Not enough people do that.

This project has been a great learning experience, through the work in progress, focused critique and now the finished project stages. I have had no end of sound and helpful advice on how to improve the image. Implementing many of the changes its clear you all know your stuff because some of the subtle changes have had a big impact on the image. You have also pulled me up where I have cut corners or just not got round to finishing some of the areas.

When I moved this to finished projects, I hoped it was finished. I have already spent too much time on it. It’s one of those scenes where you can just keep adding things: menus and drinks on the tables, people sitting drinking, dirt in the street etc, etc. Well I have warmed up the light and added a few more texture tweaks. I might add some dirt and debris tonight and then hopefully I am going to leave this one alone until I get a faster computer.

One other good thing that has come out of this project is it has broken my dependence on Paint Shop Pro. I am now comfortable with Gimp (Gimphoto). So open source wins another one.

This one is slightly sharpened in Gimp



Very good job.
I have only two crits :
1)the rock texture behind the builidings does not look very realistic
2)the lighting needs to be more intence. Make it more yellow or add some more energy

Very nice. I love the style. It looks like the intro to the PC game Tropico. The only thing I dont like is the plant leaves. They look like they should have more texture than just solid green. Other than that its cool.

I have spent a bit more time and reworked this one following some sound comments and advice. I have: removed a number of sharp edges, remapped the stone wall, added more plants and varied the leaf colour, improved the cliff face and warmed up the lighting increasing the contrast to better represent a hot summers day. Hope you like the changes.

Larger image also added to first post.


better than i can do! by a lot! but one thing i noticed. in the upper left corner, the railing “support” is a bit too square. maybe you could soften that up. but still VERY nice. keep it up

Just a small suggestion:
Im assuming your already using AO, but you might wanna try and replace your sunlight with a large arealight. It will take looooong to render at high quality, but I would be really curious as to how it turn out then.

I’ve been monitoring your WIP and I love the result. Comes pretty close to your reference.
5* Stars from me.