plagiary of textures

Hey all,

I was wondering that if your gonna sell your game, and you for example googled some textures of your game. Is it illegal to use those? If it’s illegal sometimes, how can you know? And is it still illegal when you change the texture in for example a cartoonizer?

Thanks a lot. :wink:

All images are copyright the person who created them whether they are on the internet or in someones private album. Unless it explicitly says creative commons or other such statement don’t use it or ask permission. If you want to use it for your own personal use then it is up to you whether you are happy to use someone elses work without permission. If you sell it then it is copyright infringement. There are plenty of sites which have creative commons / copyright free images and textures. You can search for these on specifically on Flickr for example.


Oke thanks a lot. ^^

ya there was a big article on this where there was a blatant rip off of textures between two games. about 1-2 years ago, and this was by professionals who should have known better.