plain effector for blender

Hi there, im not sure how it is called in universal 3d language, but im gonna try to explain what kind of effect im after;

i have like a few hundred cubes, in my case in the shape of a country. what i’m trying to do is animate all the cubes from up to bottom, so that they ‘‘fall’’ nicely into place. Not at the same time, but with a slight delay between each row of cubes. In cinema 4d its called the (plain) effector.

like in this video:

how can i do this in blender?

You could edit the graph editor. I’m not too knowledgeable in this area but there should be some tutorials.

See attached file, play timeline.


CubeAnim.blend (345 KB)

thanks for you answer, but i think there should be a faster way, i have hundreds of cubes to animate.

i have found an addon called effector.
but blender just freezes, it doesnt like that many cubes i guess… but im pretty certain this is a common animation technique

If there is no such tool i’d like to know it too :slight_smile: would be a shame though… such a great tool for things like motion graphics.

There is a randomize option for proportional editing, unfortunately i don’t know how to make it affect multiple objects.

yeah i saw that one too, but it doesnt work with animation, and its still not really prodedural.

might be possible with physic engine!
but no certain how to do that ask in that forum
and let us know

Happy bl

animation nodes

there is a special particles affector system
check tut for that effect
might work

happy bl

You’ll need the Animation Nodes addon for that, it brings great motion graphics capabilities for Blender.
Check out this site for a great introduction and tutorials on the addon

i guess thats perfect… thanks. maybe even better then ‘‘just’’ the effectors.

@rickyblender, good idea, might also work