Planar Modeling help

I learned 3D modeling in 3DS Max, but am attempting to transition to Blender due to the price of licensing.

In 3DS Max, you could shift-drag an Edge, and a new face would be extruded from that edge. I was wondering if there was an easy way to do this in Blender, as it was my main method of modeling organic shapes, mainly characters.

E = extrude

Ctrl click and drag after selecting. Note that Richard’s way is much safer - an inadvertent ctrl double click or a ctrl click without moving the mouse will produce doubled vertices that will cause problems later.

Use Tab to get into edit mode. then use RMB or Shift to multi select and E as Richard stated. “G” to grab. There is a shortcut menu around here somewhere… I tried to upload it but it is a PDF. Also see Help at the top>Manual.