Plane as movie

Hi all,

Happy Easter, for those who aren’t Agnostic, like me.
Anyway, I wanted to learn more about the possibilities of Blender to be used as an video NLE.

To start with that, I wanted to have an movie on a plane, so I can, for example, project this on a TV screen to make an nice scene.
However, animating the movie isn’t going that well.

What I already tried:

  • Add an image as a texture, then selected the viewport shading as textured. Pressed Alt + A
  • Unwrap the movie as an UV map, will show up in viewport but only as a still image, not a movie

There must be something I must have done wrong.
I did by the way matched the movie length to the number of frames (18051), I also did this in the timeline.

Thank You

In the Texture / Image panel you will need to select the ‘Auto Refresh’ tickbox so it refreshes the movie texture on a frame change

It seems to be very fussy (for me) – the first frame of the sequence must be *0001 and count consecutive after that. Even offset doesn’t seem to work correctly