Plane at (0,0,0) hides the grid now?

In an older version i delete the cube and add a plane (0,0,0). The grid is enabled because i need it.
The plane that i add, does not hide the grid. The grid is visible at this point.
Then i setup the camera as orthographic. Depending on other camera settings as well, the grid becomes almost invisible.
I read that this is a bug, that it got fixed and that i need to get the latest version in order to see the grid correctly in orthographic view. The person who was asking for support on this later confirms that it has been fixed.

In the latest version i too confirm that the grid is as visible in orthographic view as it is in perspective view, just as i wanted.
But now there is a new problem that i didn’t have with the previous version.
If i add a plane at (0,0,0), it hides the grid unlike the previous version where the plane would hide the grid only if i raised it.
In this version i can only see the grid if i lower the plane (from 0,0,0).
Is there anything i can do?

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You can use x-mode, try alt+z, or the icon left to the render modes.

Thank you but i can’t understand your answer.
X-ray mode makes the whole scene transparent. I don’t want the whole scene transparent. Why would i use x-ray mode?

x-ray is just a workaround to see the grid.