Plane body, strange problem

Hi there, I’m modeling a Su-239 Frogfoot airplane, and I’ve got a strange problem. Although I recalculated the normals outside, I have this strange pattern on my test renders. I’m still a noob, maybe it’s no big deal, can someone help me?

Its just because there is another one on it… Go to object mode right click on the object then delete et voila :slight_smile:

Uhhh, sorry, I didn’t get that. There’s another what on it?
Why should I delete the object??

what he means is that you probably have 2 objects at the same position. Maybe you did a shift+d without noticing or something like this. I suggest going in edit mode (tab), select all the vertices (a), press ‘w’ and select “remove doubles”. if it tells you it deleted a couple of doubles, then it worked and you won’t have the problem again. If it said it removed 0 double, then try selecting all your vertices again and press ctrl+n to put back the normal in the correct direction. This sort of artifact can happen when the normal (direction) of the face point the insides ofyour model, this twisting it’s edge that connect it to the other faces around.

but I’m pretty sure that you have some double vertices there. Hope this help!

Thank you, that did it!
Though I don’t know why, I didn’t do a single duplication in the whole model. I’m confused!

Here’s a shot of my progress, hope you like it.
Still a lot to do.