Plane button 'hitbox'

I’ve added a left click sensor to a plane, and when clicked it hides a different plane (this is just to test). I’m using the message actuator because it’s for a GUI which will be on a separate scene.

My problem is you can click anywhere on the screen and it activates the sensor… how do I go about only having it activate if the actual plane is clicked? I watched a tutorial and copied everything step-by-step… so I’m not sure where I went wrong…

I’m using 2.74.5

Example blend:

You need to join in a second mouse sensor with the action ‘mouse over’ for this to work.

Thanks! That worked.

Maybe this is still usefull for someone:

I also hat trouble figuring this one out and came up with the following convenient solution. Attach the sensors that you need to combine.

Add the following function to your module:

def allSensorsActive(controller):
          trigger = True
          for s in controller.sensors:
              trigger = trigger and s.positive
          return trigger

Then you can attach this module to the Python controller:

def objectClicked(controller):
          if allSensorsActive(controller):