Plane & Cloud Animation Compilation

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Here is another 3D Blender 3.0 (Alpha) plane animation rendered in Cycles to put in practice some blender studies about rendering optimisations for volumetric cloud.

:white_check_mark: THE ARTWORK:

:globe_with_meridians: PORTFOLIO: :e-mail: CONTACT: [email protected]

:arrow_right: Workflow
Environement created & assets animated on Blender
FX Simulation and Cloud on Blender
Render in 2k with Blender Cycles (1024 samples; about 3 minute/frame)
Post-production & Compositing on After Effects 2020

:arrow_right: PC specs
AMD 5950X
RTX 3090

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Wow amazing job!! And 3 minutos per frame?? Wow congratulations :raised_hands:t2:

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Very nice work!

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The stunt plane had next level animation! Extreme photorealism!

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Mind blowing! Did you create the volumetric shaders yourself? It looks very convincing!

Can we expect an article or a further breakdown on what tricks you used for the optimisation and shading the clouds. It’s very cool project. But that 3090 is also not a joke :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot Bart! :v:

you are awesome :exploding_head: